Can Cat eat chocolate


can cat eat chocolate

Can Cat eat chocolate…?

Earlier I had written a article on can cat eat bread but I forgot to write article on the most dangerous things for cat, that is can cat eat chocolateearlier I used to give my cat chocolates whenever I had it but later one of my friend suggested me not to give chocolates to cats and dogs

listening to this, I got back to find the scientific reason for not serving them the chocolates. what I found was shocking like death and coma…

but the thing is usually I used to feed my cat the chocolates BUT she was fine I think this was nothing less than a miracle. one side people talk about coma and deaths, on the other hand, my cat was perfectly fine.

BUT after knowing all the effects of chocolates on a cat. I had no guts to fed it with chocolates anymore. so I stopped serving it with chocolates. But I can’t suggest you to feed your pet with chocolates. And I have a short information for you scientifically.


The reason you should not feed your cat with chocolates is chocolates are made of cocoa and contains the compound theobromine which is hazardous to them. theobromine need to get metabolized for proper digestion but a cat doesn’t have great metabolization power [ but human do have it ] due to this it leads to a toxic building in the body which can later be the reason for death or comma.


  • Diarrhea.
  • Increased rate of breathing.
  • Heightened temperature.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • cardiac arrest OR weakness OR coma.

this are not the real symptoms. just assumption because all this may happen even if it has fewer or any other diseases.

types of chocolates

I have listed them from worst to more worst order.

  • Baking chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate.
  • White chocolate.
  • vegan chocolate.


one of remedy I know is to make your cat vomit or take it to a veterinarian

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OR ON can cat eat bread

some extra information on cats diet

not recommend
In control
eggs coffee dog food bananas
spinach grapes liver blueberries
rice raisins milk peanut butter
broccoli alcohol bacon apple
peas bones corn bread
salmon candy cheese
chicken onion yogurt
pumpkin chocolate tuna
beef avocado


A BIG NO TO CHOCOLATES. but in my case, it was a different scenario that my cat was healthy. watching my cat if you start serving your cat the chocolates then I can’t take the blame.

at last, i have a small infographic on cats dietWhat Human Food Can Cats Eat?



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