Can COLD cause Headache – if yes, Home remedies for headache due to cold and cough


here you will get how “can cold cause headache” and “home remedies for headache due to cold” to be taken before going to the doctor

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can cold cause Headache? Definitely YES

if you are suffering from this firstly be calm, because I am here to guide you. you will get what steps to be taken when you are suffering from a headache due to cold.

The virus that attacks the body is the cause of cold and further result of cold is a headache. The common symptoms of a cold are sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and body aches, cough, mild tiredness. mostly it even carries slight fever. and later it is even accompanied by a severe headache.


the sinus cavity swollens which results in the creation of pressure in the head and later it can be felt in the forehead and even behind the cheeks and eyes. later it may develop and cause a severe problem so you should diagnose by going to a doctor and take particular medicines. I am here for only home remedies.

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 Home remedies for headache due to cold and cough

  • Drinking garlic tea, it has a immune boosting compound which has ANTI-bacterial-fungal properties
  • inhaling steam (I recommend to adding Vicks VapoRub)
  • taking enough sleep
  • drinking water and hot coffees
  • taking saline spray

other reasons for headache 

  1. Headache due to tense, these headaches go away on their own.
  2. Hangover headache, this is due to over alcohol consumption etc.
  3. Dehydration, I think this need not be explained.
  4. a migraine headache, is a result of specific changes within the brain.
  5. a headache after sex, it is usually faced by a person with low immune power.
  6. Seasonal change, due to change in temperature etc.
  7. TOO much sleep.


After doing this if your headache doesn’t stop then I recommend you going to a doctor because home remedies can be done in a limit. so the final answer for “can cold cause headache” is YES

BEST OF LUCK. I hope you will be well soon


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