Can dog eat Pear? which fruits are safe for dogs?


Can dog eat Pear?

we humans love pear and we like to share our food with pet, if you are a pet owner then its always a big concern to you when it comes to feeding your pet with human food. I know you be very cautious in case of your dog and that is the reason you are here with the question can dog eat pear  and here you will even find which fruits are safe for dogs

what it contains

you may be knowing that pears are very rich in nutrients, it has many vitamins group A, vitamin group B etc. it also has potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc so all this makes the fruit very healthy. but wait do you think your dog will take all this nutrients and vitamin, NO they don’t need all this because they are carnivorous


the thing to remember while feeding dogs the pear is its a fruit which is sweet and you may be knowing how harmful the sugar is for your dog. normal sized pear has 15-20 grams of sugar.

pear is rich with fiber which is the very good choice in humans diet but in the case of dogs, even they need fiber but when it is served in excess it leads to stomach problems. a dog needs protein rather than fiber

above you have read, it has sugar, this may cause teeth decay. but the solution to this is taking up the toothbrush every morning.

you need to take out the pear skin, or else it may not digest into dogs stomach.


occasionally you can share a small piece of pear with them, too much sugar may make problem in the dog’s stomach

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 which fruits are safe for dogs

here I have made a table which can make you know about the dog’s diet



Apples Asparagus
Broccoli Cherries
BrusselSprouts Cucumbers
Cantaloupe Mushrooms
celery Tomatoes
Green beans Raspberries
Onions Grapes
pears  oranges
peas pineapple

I don’t recommend you giving the dog with all the above things because dogs are carnivorous and they need more flesh. so please try avoiding the above foods

conclusion: if you ask me whether I would serve my dog with the pears, I would probably do this only if my dog loves pear and avoid regularity. so I hope you may have got answer to your question “can dog eat pear”


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