can dog eat RAW CHICKEN?


can dog eat raw chicken

is raw food good for dogs?

Today I see that many dog owners go for raw food instead of cooked. because they think that their dog would feel like living in a wild and all these things are going to the pet owners mind because they are now known with the nutritional fact which commercial dog food contains. so they are having question whether “is raw food good for dogs” and even can dog eat raw chicken?

when they see the ingredients on the back cover of the food they find a disturbing ingredient that is CORN. which is allergic to dogs. now below I will bust some of the myths which these commercial food companies have spread

  • It has a Low Glycemic Index: higher the Glycemic index, it raises the blood sugar
  • it does not cause allergies: but this isn’t a fact
  • It Is Highly Digestible: but you can’t ignore it’s a whole grain and whole grain cannot be digested easily
  • Corn has highly biological Value: down below I have a small ingredient and biological list


    Biological value

    egg 100
    fish meal 92
    beef 78
    milk 78
    wheat 60
    corn 54
    wheat gluten 40


  • superior source of energy
ingredients calories/gm
chicken (whole fryer) 6.3
cornmeal 4.0

following detail above in the box are from USDA’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and published by

 corn makes any pet food cost effectiveness by mixing it with the more costly food meat ingredients. Because corn doesn’t just save money for manufacturers, it even makes dog food more affordable. but their advertisements are misleading.

can dog eat raw chicken ?

Now you may know the answer to “can dog eat raw chicken” and why it is a better option. I myself feed my dog with the raw chicken. if I was a rich person then I would prefer a better food than chicken for my pet. because even in chicken there are some flaunts. which I will explain to you below.

some points to remember are below

so this doesn’t mean you go for raw chicken overnight. I mean this change from cooked to raw takes particular time to set in your dog’s digestive system so don’t hurry instead, start by adding a small part of raw chicken to your dog’s diet. and if all goes fine, you are free to move further.

when we cook chicken the bones get harder, which can cause injury to pet but raw chicken bones are softer. (they are made by God to eat raw food unlike us).

Dog’s are carnivorous so you don’t need to add vegetables etc in their diet.

in my case, my vet used to sell the product of some company and he would get some bucks from back, so he suggested me for commercial food but I denied. even your vet may do the same thing, so be careful.

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I have read an article that chicken is not the very good food for a dog compared to the beef. but I am a middle-class man who can’t afford it, so I choose for chicken but if you are a millionaire then you can go with other meats.

 I hope you have loved reading

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