Condom for Dogs – Dogs Condom [does it really exist]


here you will get all the details of condom for dogs and even you will get to know weather really the dogs condom exist in this world or not !

condom for dogs

condom for dogs 

all of this words from this paragraph are not mine this are the words of the pope:: sinful that lacks of dogs and other animals are killed every year in animal shelters. because there aren’t enough places for all of them to stay alive and are abandoned on the streets, where they live without food, die of illnesses, injuries or fall prey to animal abusers. The simple solution is to always control animals instead of allowing them to produce numerous offsprings. and help by praying

by reading this I thought I should do some research on this topic and I went further and what I found was shocking. a website named was claiming that it sells cats and dogs condom but what I found there it was a joke.

what it actually was is a campaign from San Francisco SPCA that tries to encourage pet owners to spay or neuter their pets in order to give a push to control on offsprings of the pets by using dog condoms


condom for dogs

Further, when I kept my research on I saw something. by which I couldn’t control my laughter. I saw a website which had a long tutorial on how to put a condom on dogs **** and the website was even you can take a tour of this website for a little laugh 


     in this research, I found that there doesn’t exist anything named dogs condom or condom for dogs in this world


             but on the serious note even the dog transmit deadly diseases through sex like deadly tumors, std brucellosis, they can even get infected with herpes, and they have their own type of AIDS

Pet Condoms Photo Credit: San Francisco ASPCA

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