Is dry food bad for cat ?



is dry food bad for cat ?

do you think is dry food bad for cat…?    usually, I have seen that cat drink very less amount of water compared to most of the animals. sometimes they don’t even drink water though dehydrated. this is the reason that we should provide the cat with wet food or else even if they are dehydrated they don’t go for water.

but the thing to remember is extra moisture can make bladder urinary or kidney problem but even if we leave them dehydrated it can lead to urinary stone and later kidney diseases.


dogs can digest both the vegetables and meat but in the case of cat they need more muscle meat. even cat can get the required proteins from vegetables but they need amino acid. the source to get amino acid is only the meat.

But after reading all my above words you would be thinking that wet food is the only way to protein for cats but this isn’t the reality. if you serve your cat the quality food. it doesn’t matter whether the food is wet or dry [ but my suggestion is when you serve dry food to your cat consider sprinkling some moisture in it ].

many people give priority to dry food because it is easy to handle and can keep it 24 hours open to eat, but please do avoid this.

my friend had adviced me that dry food keep cats teeth clean but this is not the big reason to keep my fury away from protein. instead, I would go to dent regularly.

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I think don’t go for a single type of food, mostly I prefer wet (meat) food because cats are carnivorous.

if you want to know in detail I suggest you to consult your veterinarian because they can suggest you by seeing your cat physically, I mean weight, age etc.

I may have puzzled you from my above words, so going to vet is the best way.

but you have got idea on whether “is dry food bad for cat”

a small plan on healthy food for your fury

not recommend
In control
eggs coffee dog food bananas
spinach grapes liver blueberries
rice raisins milk peanut butter
broccoli alcohol bacon apple
peas bones corn bread
salmon candy cheese
chicken onion yogurt
pumpkin chocolate tuna
beef avocado


infographic on cats diet

What Human Food Can Cats Eat?


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